Outpourings, spilling over, running over,

overflowing, gushing out –

always from a fullness that cannot

be contained, restrained, closed.

the urge to let out, give vent,

express, unfold…

to share, to say something,

to jot down, to etch or carve a niche,

a word, a thought, a feeling,

a pain, and joy, some tears, laughters,

a fall, a rise,

to journey through the shadows of deep valleys,

to celebrate the conquest of a summit….

ki jingkyrsoi…outpourings.

Learning can take place anytime and anywhere. At ‘engagingthecultures’ we continue our conversations on Life, Cultures and Literature. I believe that the lecture halls are only places where people come together to meet for the first time but it is not the last place where we can acquire knowledge and an education. This is me reaching out to people and starting conversations that matter as we engage cultures and study literature together.

How they pale these
Tall, quiet, majesties
the squalid, teeming


How lonely, aloof,
and distant do they appear,
the bustling, thriving
I see.

– Jacob L. Shylla

These tiny little
outstretched hands
with dirt congealed
into various hues,
rehashing forays into city dumps,
rummaging desperately for

these hands,
reaching up to corduroy sleeves
and printed jainsems
tapping excitedly at
levi thighs,
clutching hopelessly at
sheriff feet,

All begging for their
piece of sky.

These tiny, sparkling,
brownish eyes,
moist and glistening with stifled cries,
baffling as they peer on deep
into shallow wells and littered heap,
gnawing at soft corners of
my being,
dancing with quaint desire
swelling at mere sights of life.

– Jacob L. Shylla

A penny for your thought. One can only imagine what sort of images must be popping up in your mind the minute you read the title of this piece. Have you ever seen the world through the windshield of a car? It is rather surprising that I have never ever done so in the past when I would travel to and fro in the passenger seat of so many forgotten taxis and buses. However, I must confess that lately, I have been seeing much of the world I live in ever since the day I bought a car and more so when I started driving one. It is remarkable what a change of seat can do to the way you perceive things. It was as if I had been given a new pair of eyes to see with. I can assure you it is not as simple as ‘wysiwyg’(‘what you see is what you get’).


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